Tunnel excavation involves a certain risk of unexpected ground conditions. One of the risks is the chance of hitting large quantities of high-pressure groundwater. Smaller volumes of groundwater ingress can also cause problems in a tunnel or its surroundings. Water is the most frequent reason for grouting the rock that surrounds tunnels. Groundwater ingress can be controlled or handled by drainage, pre-excavation grouting, and post-excavation grouting. Rock or soil conditions causing stability problems for tunnel excavation is another possible reason for grouting. The poor and unstable ground can be improved by filling discontinuities with grout material which has sufficient strength and adhesion.

Bentonite has traditionally been used on a routine basis in combination with cement for the grouting of soil and rock. The reason for this was the strong tendency of standard cement to separate when suspended in water, enhanced by the normal use of w/c-ratios up to 3.0 and more.

Mahalaxmi Minerals Piling Grade Bentonite is a sodium-based bentonite of exceptional purity procured from ores with a high composition of montmorollinite.

The main features of Mahalaxmi Minerals Piling Grade Bentonite are listed below:

  • Large Surface Area
  • Commendable Gelling Strength
  • Excellent plasticity and lubricity
  • Impermeability
  • Significantly low filter loss
  • Environmentally Acceptable
  • Excellent packaging enhances the shelf life of the product
  • Available in quantities depending on customer requirements.

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