Mahalaxmi Minerals  Raw Bentonite Granules are processed from exceptional quality Bentonite deposits of Gujarat. It can be widely used as a carrier in formulation of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, bio-pesticides plant growth promoter and bio-fertilizers.

The main features of Mahalaxmi Minerals Raw Bentonite Granules are as mentioned below:

  • Acts as an ion exchanger for soil improvement and conditioning.
  • High Humidity Absorbent
  • When mixed with water it immediately allows the formulations to release in soil.

The Granules are double roasted for better absorption of formulations by the soil and utilization by roots.

  • Description: Raw, free flowing granules, free from foreign matter.
  • Color : Bluish Gray
  • Formation : Granules
  • Composition: Montmorillonite (hydrous aluminum silicate containing small amounts
  • of alkali and alkaline+arth metals.), and a small portion of other mineral matter,
  • usually quartz, feldspar, volcanic glass, organic matter, gypsum, or pyrite.


Physical Properties Specification
Moisture 1% max
Bulk density 0.85 gm/ml min
Acidity 0.5%
Liquid holding capacity 15%
PH 6.5 – 7.5
Solubility 98% in water