Liquid Polymer Emulsion is a higher molecular weight containing partially hydrolyzed polyacrylamide/polyacrylate(PHPA) copolymer, is used primarily as a viscosifier and borehole stabilizer.

Product Details of LPP-85 :
Nature Anionic
Physical form Viscous liquid
Physical and Chemical Properties of LPP-85:
Colour Anionic
Physical Appearnce Viscous Pourable Liquid
Solubility in water Soluble
Viscosity 500 – 2000 cps.
Odour Aliphatic
Flash Point in oC 100 oC
Boiling Point in oC 200 oC
Vapour Pressure 0.002 @ 20 oC
Bulk Density NA


  • Mixes easily with minimum mixing in freshwater
  • Develops viscosity rapidly.
  • Immediate settling of cuttings in pit-reduces recirculation of drilled cuttings back into the wellbore.
  • Reduces water loss through cracks and fissures.
  • Cost effective.
  • Biodegradable


  • For Liquid polymer emulsion is cost-effective and is applicable to all types of drilling applications including water wells, Diamond Coring, Mineral Exploration etc.
  • Stabilize water-sensitive formations.
  • Enhanced rheological properties of the mud.
  • Reduce drill pipe torque and pumping pressure.
  • ¬†Immediately flocculated cuttings in the reserve pit.