Mahalaxmi Minerals is a leading supplier of Construction Grade Bentonite (Horizontal Directional Drilling – HDD) in Sikkim.

Bentonite slurries are used in the construction of special foundations for digging diaphragm walls and bored piles. Bentonite is used for self-hardening mixtures employed to build cut-off walls, grouting mortars, and grouting. Finally, bentonite waterproofing properties are best exploited in environmental engineering, to seal off soil infiltrations, and line the base of landfills.

Bentonite is also used in civil engineering applications such as tunneling, horizontal directional drilling (HDD), and pipe jacking.

Mahalaxmi Minerals Construction Grade Bentonite (Horizontal Directional Drilling – HDD) Construction Grade Bentonite is a sodium-based bentonite procured from ores with a high composition of montmorillonite. Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) is one of the significant drilling areas that MM seeks to serve.

About Mahalaxmi Minerals

With more than 20 years in the field of manufacturing and processing, various industrial minerals Mahalaxmi Minerals is one of the biggest manufacturers & suppliers of Bentonite granules and powder. Mahalaxmi Minerals is a well-established, ISO-9001:2015-certified, mineral mining company in India. We specialize in Bentonite powder and granules and supply all grades of bentonite as per the required specifications. We have a fully integrated bentonite processing plant, high standards for quality control & advanced distribution facility. Our corporate office is situated in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Our Gujarat office is in Bhavnagar.

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    Why Choose Mahalaxmi Minerals For Your Bentonite

    Mahalaxmi Minerals’ strength is its knowledge and experience in minerals. We integrate this knowledge to create superior-quality bentonite solutions which not only meet but exceed customer satisfaction all over Sikkim.

    2 Decades of Experience
    Competitive Rates
    Quality & Reliability
    Commitment to deliver on time
    ISO Certified
    Customized Orders
    Registered Importer-Exporter
    Excellent Service

    The main features of Mahalaxmi Minerals Construction Grade Bentonite in Sikkim are:

    • Superior Gel Strengths
    • Filter cake development coupled with filtration control with a lower resultant viscosity enables successful horizontal bore
    • Better maintenance of flow and effective removal of solids
    • Environmentally Acceptable
    • Excellent packaging enhances the shelf life of the product
    • Available in quantities depending on customer requirements


    Physical PropertiesSpecification
    Y.P/P.V. RATIO1.3
    200 MESH PASSING90%

    Quality Control

    Mahalaxmi Minerals in Sikkim believe quality assurance is a prerequisite for customer satisfaction.

    • At Mahalaxmi Minerals, we ensure that the minerals are mined from the best mines depending on their usages, to provide superior quality products to our customers.
    • At Mahalaxmi Minerals, we ensure that every customer’s requirement is correctly understood and fulfilled. We believe in doing things right for the customer the first time and more importantly every time.
    • At Mahalaxmi Minerals, we ensure that we keep sufficient inventory to cater to our customer’s urgent requirements. We focus on good packaging practices to enhance the shelf life of our products.
    • At Mahalaxmi Minerals, we practice stringent quality control procedures to conform to the superior performance of our products. The quality of our products can be evaluated in terms of their performance, reliability, and durability.
    • At Mahalaxmi Minerals, we seek to obtain customer feedback on regular basis and carefully evaluate and incorporate customer suggestions/requirements to ensure the customer is more than satisfied with our products.
    • At Mahalaxmi Minerals, we conduct our business in a fair and transparent manner and seek to achieve excellence through initiative, accountability, and superior results.

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